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    EasyGo Vac Filter,Tube,Elbow Assembly

    Brand: Picture for manufacturer Precision Medical
    EasyGo Vac Filter Assembly

    SKU: PM-503293
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    CPAPology Houdini CPAP Hose Support System (New Design)

    Houdini’s updated design, with its telescopic pole and bendable neck, offers the best of both strength and flexibility to hold your CPAP tubing in style. You can have confidence knowing your tubing will stay up and out of your way, allowing you to move freely in your sleep. When not in use, simply retract the telescopic pole and make it “disappear” beside the mattress or pillow.

    • Supports hose and mask while in use
    • Freedom to move side to side without restriction
    • Max Height: 38.25”
    • Retractable telescopic pole to fit a variety of mattress sizes
    • Ability to have Houdini "disappear" behind pillow during non-use

    Precision Medical EasyPulse 5 + 6 Oxygen Conserving Regulator

    The EasyPulse5+6 has 6 continuous flow settings, to compliment the 1 thru 5 pulse settings.
        In the Pulse Mode, the EasyPulse5+6 delivers a front loaded tapered wave form. All the oxygen is delivered in the first third of the inspiratory phase.  With the added security of more continuous  flow options, you have the most versatile oxygen conserving device available 

        Warranty: 2 year 

        Easy Go Vac Portable Aspirator


        EasyGoVac Portable AC/DC Aspirator 
        800cc Canister, Carry Bag, AC Hospital Grade Power Cord, Battery/Charger, Filter Assembly and Suction Tubing

        Warranty: 2 years Unit, 6 months Battery