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    CPAPology EZ-PEAZY CPAP Wipes, Unscented, Qty 1

    Brand: Picture for manufacturer CPAPology
    SKU: CY-K8602
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    CPAPology EZ-Peazy CPAP Wipes are developed with natural ingredients like aloe vera to help provide an effective daily cleaning of your CPAP mask and CPAP equipment. Avoid unpleasant odors and stains caused from a dirty CPAP mask. With 75 wipes in each canister, easily remove dirt and debris from your CPAP mask to give yourself a fresh start before each sleep.

    • Fragrance Free
    • Easy To Use
    • 100% Cotton
    • Gentle on Mask
    • Aloe Enhanced
    • Biodegradable & Latex Free

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    AG Zippered 6' Hose Wrap

    Colour: Blue

    AG Industries Zippered Hose Wrap is 6 inches long. This blue zippered cover makes it easier for you to place the CPAP hose inside. This Hose Wrap is designed to help eliminate rainout in your CPAP tube and also provide a more comfortable and smooth surface to your CPAP hose.

    CPAPology Joey CPAP Hose Cover

    Colour: Black,Size: 6'6" Length

    The Joey Hose Cover is a great solution to help prevent “rainout” in CPAP tubing. Often occurring when a heated humidifier is used, rainout is caused when the air travelling from the humidifier to the mask starts to cool and forms condensation inside the hose. Experiencing rainout is not a pleasant sensation; no one likes their face splattered with water during the night. The Joey Hose Cover helps to insulate the hose, and cuts down on this unpleasant sensation.

    Joey’s comfy soft cover also feels so much better against the skin than the uneven surface of the CPAP hose and toggles at either end make it a “cinch” to tighten. It also looks great! No more unsightly hose.


    • Soft brushed cotton material helps to reduce rainout, while increasing user comfort
    • Fits 72-78" CPAP tubing

    CPAPology Raptor, Hose Suspension System


    Raptor Tubing Support Claw is a bedside accessory that helps prevent CPAP tubing from getting tangled while you sleep. The Raptor’s tall and agile design allows tubing to be held from above, making it easier to move without having tubing become tangled or damaged. Raptor uses its rotatable 360° claw with non-slip pads to grip your CPAP tubing while giving you more freedom to move in bed.

    Raptor includes two attachment options; an adjustable clamp or a plate that fits under your mattress. Either option can securely hold on to a variety of bedroom objects, allowing the Raptor to have several different bedside setups for optimal comfort. The Raptor also comes with a 12” extension rod for users who need more height.